Hey you know what else I like?

Nay, love. The Bee Gees! Man, what a glorious band, both in their late 60's/early 70's pop-folk-psychedelia incarnation and their more well known mid-late 70's pop-soul-disco incarnation.

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Do you like milk? I like milk. I usually drink several glasses with every meal, and often will just drink it by itself (skim, natch). It has been brought to my attention that this is not normal, or at the very least, is not the behavior of the average person. This had never really occurred to me before. Do most people drink milk rarely/never?

in dreams i walk with you

My dream last night began on New Year's Eve Day. I had some time to kill before I was going to be picked up to go to this party, so I decided to watch a movie I'd gotten from Netflix. It was a new Robert Altman movie (in the dream I called it Short Cuts, but that film actually exists and was not this film).
I put it in and you know how sometimes in dreams you're watching a movie and you're right there in the movie? Well, that was the case here, but it was a little different; I was consciously aware that there was a special thing that allowed me to see this film as if it was taking place around me, like a new piece of technology.
The film opened on a suburban street, with police cars and officers arriving. Some young child had gotten a hold of a gun and was waving it around. One of the police officers managed to shoot him in the leg to bring him down. He then walked over, said something like, "In cases like these, we have to do a kill shot," and shot him in the head. Since I was actually there in the dream, this was really freaking me out, and I looked over to see this old lady fainting, and I said to someone next to me, "that's his grandmother, she's going to die of shock later in the movie."
The rest of the film took place in a park down the street from the shooting. There were two circles of people who would at times, individually and in pairs, get up and do something. All the people were well-known actors, and I think they were sort of playing themselves, but it was clear that many of them had practiced and developed things to do. The whole thing was very much like an Altman film, though, with overlapping dialogue and improvisation and stuff like that. I spent almost all my time in the first circle, but I remember thinking, "Wow, cool, I can go back and watch the movie again in the other circle!" For some reason this concept really excited me.
So things like David Cross got up and talked about how he hangs out with Michael Bolton and like he's a shitty musician but he's actually a pretty cool guy and he's totally OK with people making fun of him etc. (Bob Odenkirk was there too, but in the other circle. The only time he appeared was during David's story, when he stood up and watched him tell the story from the circle, laughing uproariously).
Matt Damon and Harrison Ford did a sort of bizarre vaudeville-style routine, which mostly consisted of each of them introducing himself to the other, in a very exaggerated vaudevillian way. Harrison Ford called himself "Harrison", but Damon called himself "Mark", for unknown reasons. I don't remember a lot of the people there; John C. Reilly was there with some woman who was supposed to be his wife in real life, and I think he came out of the closet or something. Some of the dream's a little fuzzy. It eventually ended when I had to stop watching the movie to go to the New Years Party, and I woke up soon after.

Thought of the Day: If a new device is ever created that allows brain waves to be translated into physical representations, painters, musicians, filmmaker, etc. will be out of a job (I mean, more so than they probably are already). Art will just be created by the most imaginative people out there, without need for any sort of talent. I wonder what this world would be like.

Word of the Day: "Colloquial"

Note: I realize the egocentricism of posting about my dreams on the internet, but think about it this way: if my dreams are only interesting to me, then they're still interesting to one more person than my real life is interesting to.
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This is th worst meme ever

stolen from ken's little brother

1) My journal is called _____ because _____.
2) My subtitle is _____ because _____.
3) My friends page is called _____ because _____.
4) My username is ____ because _____.
5) My default userpic is _____ because _____.

1) My journal is called down, not across because, um, i like crossword puzzles... Nah, actually it's a really stupid immature reference that I should probably change.
2) My subtitle is wait, what's a subtitle? because ?
3) My friends page is called friends page because i'm a boring jackass.
4) My username is sunking47 because that was my screenname in 7th grade, and I've never had th will to change it.
5) My default userpic is a picture of John Darnielle because GREATEST SONGWRITER OF OUR TIME OMG OMG

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It's the fuckin' Reservoir Dogs!

Hey, why is it that people always say like "You can't compare that, it's like apples and oranges." Apples and oranges seem pretty comparable to me. They're both fruit. I prefer apples.

This is all.
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Um so yeah I should probably update this thing cause I haven't in a while. Just about done with summer session over here; basically all I have left is the final(s), which I'm feeling pretty good about. After that it's back to Palo Alto for a couple days, during which I plan to see anyone who is still in the area. I know this includes Dan; Kendall, if you see this and are back in the U.S., give me a call! Anyone else who wants to hang, I'm basically free for most of the time from the 11th to the 14th. On Wednesday, I'm flying out to Boulder CO for a week to stay with Nikki and her (supposedly cool) friends. After that it's immediately back to SB for fall classes. I know noone ever really cares when I do these "itinerary for my next couple weeks" posts, but it helps for me just to finalize plans and just sorta get into the swing of things, i don't know.

In other news, this is one of the greatest things I've seen recently.

I've been getting in this weird habit of just talking to random people on instant messenger. Often it's people who I haven't talked to in months/years, people from high school that I never really knew that well, etc. I'll just message them and start talking, trying to start a conversation. Sometimes it works, sometimes I can tell that they really have no interest in talking to me. For years I've been saying that I hate people (in general), unfortunately I have to admit that it's been a lie. I really do like most people; they're so much fun, just to talk to, get a reaction from, learn things... However, I plan to still continue claiming that I hate people, but those of you who read this will know that I'm lying. Until I delete this entry.

So yeah, that's it. Check this out if you like.

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